Our Mission

Lake Mary High School students are prepared to enter an ever-changing, complex society equipped with a comprehensive academic foundation, a depth of knowledge, and a respect for self and others as productive citizens of the 21st Century.

School Resource Officers

Deputy Dinnen  ext. 59617

Deputy Tipton  ext. 49684


The SRO is a specially trained, state-certified law enforcement officer who is assigned full time during the academic school year. The SRO Program is based on a cooperative relationship between law enforcement officers, teachers, school personnel and parents. It develops a positive relationship between the SRO and students.

The SRO fulfills several important roles. First, as a law enforcement officer, the law must consistently and fairly be enforced. The SRO must take the necessary enforcement actions, when necessary, to ensure a safe and peaceful learning environment. Second, the SRO serves as an instructor, teaching classes that are many times related to core subjects, such as legal issues and citizenship. Some specific topics presented in these classes include juvenile rights, laws of arrest, search and seizure and laws pertaining to alcohol, drugs, DUI and traffic. Finally, the SRO is a counselor who is readily available to assist students and staff members with personal and school related problems when appropriate.