Our Mission

Lake Mary High School students are prepared to enter an ever-changing, complex society equipped with a comprehensive academic foundation, a depth of knowledge, and a respect for self and others as productive citizens of the 21st Century.

Our Vision

Lake Mary High School is committed to the development of the 21st Century student by providing rigorous courses that foster intellectual curiosity. Students will build expertise through integrated technology within a blended curriculum in which they will utilize creative and critical thinking skills. Students will be provided with opportunities to engage in diverse content areas that encourage entrepreneurship and leadership.

Lake Mary High School is committed to the students’ personal development by utilizing curriculum that will focus on individual character and needs. Each course will provide strategies for students to learn the importance of collaboration and learning. Students will have the opportunity to explore future career interests through a diverse selection of electives that are relevant and valuable for an ever-changing society. Individuals will demonstrate personal integrity, the highest standards of behavior, and initiative in their education.


 Lake Mary Principal


Dr. Mickey Reynolds Principal  

Mickey Reynolds

(407) 320-9502


Assistant Principals


Melisa Ayala-Cruz Assistant Principal

Melisa Ayala-Cruz

(407) 320-9507



Michael Hennessy

(407) 320-9510


Melissa Flory

(407) 320-9506



Tom Oliver

(407) 320-9505



School Administrative Managers


Stephen Longarzo School Administrative Manager

Steve Longarzo

(407) 320-9509



Kathy Aslin

(407) 320-9517


Andrea Fuhrer

(407) 320-9511


Reginald Miller, Jr

(407) 320-9513








Team Members


Sandra Parisi Executive Secretary

Sandy Parisi

Executive Secretary

(407) 320-9502




Richard Weyers Rick athletic director

Rick Weyers

Athletic Director

(407) 320-9666