Senior Privileges

October 07, 2021

Seniors, If you are interested in participating in Senior Privileges... must fill out the Senior Privileges form. We will be doing this a little differently this year than in  years past. Since this is a senior privilege, it will be varying times throughout the  day. We will conduct either a Senior Breakfast, Senior Lunch, or Senior Dinner,  which means you will miss the assigned period listed on the senior privilege form.  The senior lunch form can be found in following areas: 

  1. Lake Mary High School Website > Student > Senior Class Information 
  2. Discipline Office 
  3. The senior bulletin board located outside the bookkeeping office 
  4. Administration Office 

All senior privileges forms must be signed by a parent and notarized. Forms must  be turned into discipline by October 22, 2021, to participate in the first senior  privilege.