Our Mission

Lake Mary High School students are prepared to enter an ever-changing, complex society equipped with a comprehensive academic foundation, a depth of knowledge, and a respect for self and others as productive citizens of the 21st Century.

Our Vision

Lake Mary High School is committed to the development of the 21st Century student by providing rigorous courses that foster intellectual curiosity. Students will build expertise through integrated technology within a blended curriculum in which they will utilize creative and critical thinking skills. Students will be provided with opportunities to engage in diverse content areas that encourage entrepreneurship and leadership.

Lake Mary High School is committed to the students’ personal development by utilizing curriculum that will focus on individual character and needs. Each course will provide strategies for students to learn the importance of collaboration and learning. Students will have the opportunity to explore future career interests through a diverse selection of electives that are relevant and valuable for an ever-changing society. Individuals will demonstrate personal integrity, the highest standards of behavior, and initiative in their education.

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SCPS Mission

The mission of the Seminole County Public Schools is to ensure that all Early Childhood Program and PreK-Grade 12 students acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be productive citizens in our great country and in the global economy.

Speak Out

An anonymous tip line serving six Central Florida counties provides a live operator 24 hours a day, seven days a week for youth, parents and teachers who call to report crimes or potential crimes in the schools, neighborhoods or homes where young people live. If a tip leads to solving a crime or resolving an unsafe situation the tipster may be eligible for a cash reward.

Speak Out: 1-800-423-8477 or www.speakouthotline.org


Lake Mary Stadium

FOOTBALL Scott Perry 407-320-9750 scott_perry@scps.k12.fl.us
GIRLS VOLLEYBALL Katie Donoghue 407-320-9574 Katie_Donoghue@scps.k12.fl.us
BOYS XX COUNTRY Diana Lowe 407-474-5066 DLH5260@hotmail.com
GIRLS XX COUNTRY Diana Lowe 407-474-5066 DLH5260@hotmail.com
BOYS SWIMMING Paige Baker 407-702-4294 pad07c@yahoo.com
GIRLS SWIMMING Paige Baker 407-702-4294 pad07c@yahoo.com
BOYS BOWLING Spencer Wilbert 407-320-9735 wilberwz@scps.k12.fl.us
GIRLS BOWLING Spencer Wilbert 407-320-9735 wilberwz@scps.k12.fl.us
SLOW PITCH Jeannie Fisher 407-320-9579 jeannie_fisher@scps.k12.fl.us
BOYS GOLF Louis Suarez 407-493-9600 lousuarez@earthlink.com
GIRLS GOLF Dennis Burchill 407-310-9924 burchill.dennis@gmail.com
BOYS BASKETBALL SpencerWilbert 407-320-9735 wilberwz@scps.k12.fl.us
GIRLS BASKETBALL Rick Weyers 407-314-7032 rweyers@comcast.net
BOYS SOCCER Eric Sellick 407-760-8616 Ericsellick@gmail.com
GIRLS SOCCER Bill Eissele 407-320-9672 bill_eissele@scps.k12.fl.us
WRESTLING Jamie Foley 407-320-9621 jamie_foley@scps.k12.fl.us
GIRLS WEIGHTLIFTING Pat Barrett 407-320-9782 patrick_barrett@scps.k12.fl.us
BASEBALL Jeff Perez 407-383-6285 Jeffery_Perez@scps.k12.fl.us
FAST PITCH Jeannie Fisher 407-320-9579 jeannie_fisher@scps.k12.fl.us
TENNIS Scott Reagan 407-320-9569 andrew_reagan@scps.k12.fl.us
BOYS TRACK Bill Cashman 407-375-2679 Coachcashman@aol.com
GIRLS TRACK Diana Lowe 407-474-5066 DLH5260@hotmail.com
BOYS LACROSSE Gary Robinson 321-507-6385 garrickrobinson@msn.com
GIRLS LACROSSE Pat Barrett 407-320-9782 patrick_barrett@scps.k12.fl.us
BOYS VOLLEYBALL Louis Reyes 407-435-8648 Louis_Reyes@scps.k12.fl.us
WATERPOLO Paige Baker 407-702-4294 Paige_Baker@scps.k12.fl.us
BOYS WEIGHTLIFTING Scott Perry 407-320-9750 scott_perry@scps.k12.fl.us
BEACH VOLLEYBALL Katie Donoghue 407-375-7475 katie_donoghue@scps.k12.fl.us
FRESHMAN Tina Harlev Tina_Harlev@scps.k12.fl.us
JUNIOR VARSITY Carrol Moore Carrol_Moore@scps.k12.fl.us
VARSITY Page Black 407-388-5856 Black3030@aol.com
Megan Wilkins 407-756-9113 Megan_Wilkins@scps.k12.fl.us
Eric Swannie 407-810-9108 Eric_Swannie@scps.k12.fl.us
ATHLETIC DIRECTOR Doug Peters 407-320-9666 doug_peters@scps.k12.fl.us
ASSISTANT AD Spencer Wilbert 386-837-5494 wilberwz@scps.k12.fl.us
ATHLETIC SECRETARY Griselle Quinones 407-320-9557 griselle_quinones@scps.k12.fl.us
ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Cindy Nelson 407-320-9507 cindy_nelson@scps.k12.fl.us

Eligibility Requirements

All student athletes entering the ninth grade must have been promoted from the 8th grade and maintain a 2.0 grade point average.

Each athlete must complete and pass a physical prior to trying out in any sport; this includes any preseason conditioning practice. All physicals must be signed by a parent/guardian. Forms are available in the front office, guidance and the athletic office.


Students must have proof of a valid health care insurance provider. A copy of the student’s birth certificate and Social Security card must be on file with the athletic office.

All student athletes are subject to and must adhere to the SCPS Citizenship Policy. Athletic participation is a privilege and all athletes must represent their school and sport in a positive light on and off campus or risk the chance of losing this privilege.

All requirements listed above must be met prior to tryouts/participation.